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Searching him for thousands times--Tao Yongbai


Tao Yongbai

Born in October 1937, Jiangsu Province, art researcher. Won the national and local arts and publishing six rewards: Nationwide: Chinese art books Silver; China Book Printing Awards; Bronze Chinese Book Fair. Provincial. Municipal: First Jiangsu Literature and Art Award; East Book Fair Award; Jiangsu Books Excellence Award. 

Exploring style, he often remembers what Mr. Wu Zuoren: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Away From imitate, go his own way, to find his destination.
. His works have little flat paint color pieces, from the blue sky and ocean to local, involve rich colors changes. It is due to Mr Li Keran landscape paintings. When he deal with comparison relations of lightness, chroma processing oil painting, alternating coverage, gradually goes on excessive, make colors one integrated mass, rhythmic cadence, black and white, and mysterious effect. His "spring light” with pure cold green tone, made up of woman bodies and Yuhua, up and down like water screen space, showed a "time flies, youth often in poetry. It was possible, toward the open expanse. To the endless heaven and earth, let your wings full of imagination.
Tsao Tali’s works although the themes are extensive, diversified approach, there is a common thing, this is not a rigid program, but a special interest in his works. His art style with gorgeous colors, a bright and beautiful melody.
                                                    ——Wrote in Beijing 1982

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