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Endless Way——Jia Fangzhou


Jia Fangzhou

Born in 1940 in Huguan. Shanxi Province, moved to Baotou with father, finished primary school and middle school in 1950, Admitted to the Inner Mongolia normal university art department of fine arts in 1959.Graduated from the department of fine arts of Inner Mongolia normal university in 1964. Worked for the exhibition hall, the newspaper, for many years in 1973, 1975, 1979, took part in the national arts exhibition three times. Joined the Chinese artists as sociation in 1980.Turned to art theory research in 1982, Transferred to Inner Mongolia artists association in 1984, Elected as vice chairman in 1988, Named as the national level artists in 1996. Mainly act in Beijing as a critic and curator after 1995.

In the contemporary of Chinese painting, painters grew up in the 50s are now more than70 years old, the senior artists. As the earliest train a generation of artists in new China, has experienced the stages of republic of China. Tsao Tali was rare in this generation, he’s not only from foreign land returned, but also as a Christian. That's two points, we can get to know even if he is excellent he can only be on the brink of national mainstream ideology. His work, "Punten" in 1952 is very similar to the works from young people during the period of 85 trendy, but it was born in 33 years ago
In 1978, Tsao Tali held the painting exhibition in labor people cultural palace with Wang Lu, PangJun and Yan Zhenduo. But China didn’t have a real understanding and acception of Tsao Tali until "Bali Spirits", which he painted in 1979. Most artists still stayed in the original creative mode of thinking, “Bali Spirit”gives the refreshing feeling to people both in technique of expression and contents. Tsao Tali can finally draw the fantasy theme. The painter’s collection of emotions in many years, finally have the opportunity to release. Throughout the 80 s, Tsao Tali was the most adventurous artists of his generation. At the center of “Windmill mushrooms and clouds” is realistic characters, windmills, mushroom cloud, the boat is symbolic, and the composition of the whole picture is approximate to the abstract.
This is a work completed in the early 90 s after coming back from the former Soviet by Tsao Tali, he broke the original space order, cut into many "fragments" build whole and misplaced it, like the magnificent and mysterious atmosphere of the Russian orthodox church. Piety and beautiful young nun with the leisure naked women, these two rich symbolic meaning of characters exactly convey the spirit of traditional religion. Tsao Tali said: "Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto strengthens gave me imagination". This sentence makes me feel that you can’t discuss Tsao Tali’s works without music. In fact, music brings creative inspiration and enlightenment to him. Tsao Tali through the religious architecture of Russian cultural spirit is impossible without Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto in c minor, because this song in Russia's leading masterpieces of the grand momentum is full, strong and powerful, and helped him to think of the work. Especially since the first movement, just like depressing church bells, uniform and slow, solemn, Russian composer Metternich once said: "when the first bell rang, you will feel the whole Russian evident rise". Such a piece of music that inspired his imagination with visual elements in rich, then finished this great work.
Entering the new century, Tsao Tali created the long "Dream Garden". The "Dream Garden" focuses on a sense of continuity of flow performance. The painter in the United States, but always think of China, so the garden as a symbol of Chinese constitute flow "consciousness". At this point, the person is the theme, the space take a back seat as the background.
Tsao Tali is a very pure artist, he is not good at communication, he lives in his own world, like a silkworm, close up. He does not adapt to the past revolution or adapt to the contemporary market environment. Because he is a man likes quiet meditation and hard-working. But he is not a conservative person, he always changes, looking for a new language, looking for new possibilities. He said, "I drew a picture recently in Men Tougou and as if I just get to know how to paint. Just like I didn't draw before, as if I found a language, I often do not know how to draw tomorrow". Perhaps that’s why he intoxicated with the real reason. This is also the charm of attention.
Jul 29th 2008.In Bei Huaiyuan.Beijing

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