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Tsao Tali and his paintings——Shui Tianzhong

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Shui Tianzhong

Researcher of China Art Research Institute, deputy director of theory Committee of China Artists Association, member of the National Commission for cultural relics identification, executive director of China oil painting society, director, Institute of China Academy of art, won the State Council "outstanding contribution expert special allowance", has hosted and participated in the examination and appraisal of China oil painting exhibition, "Century Door" exhibition of modern art exhibition and the new era of art creation of the Academic Symposium on several academic conferences. 

Tsao Tali was born in 1934 in Beijing County, went to Indonesia with his parents when he was six years old. His father Tsao Shicheng is a historian, researcher at the Harvard Yenching Institute, the Christian, full of deep feelings of Chinese traditional culture. Even in Java,didn’t forget to read poetry, painting orchid. Tsao Tali is full of  sensitive and courage of young people, interested in tropical island scenery. We can feel the"thousand million" grass and trees in figure, "Changing" nature, dare to bold expression of subjective feelings. And master the considerable ability to generalize
                                              ——From Tsao Tali and his paintings
Tsao Tali is an artist who’s constantly changing in the field, Wu Guanzhong said he likes new one hates the old one. For an artist, it is very high praise. If a painter who lost the spirit of innovation to explore his artistic life is over.
“Bali soul” depicts the natural beauty in Bali of his memories, a tropical island and ancient religious monuments, beautiful and passionate women ...... his second home affectionate nostalgia, as charming moonlight on the screen to make it all seem distant mysterious, like a poetic dream.
He said his paintings are dreams for the audience, these dreams have different emotions. "Boat" is a bright and magical dream. Natural and man, past and present, exotic vegetation and old buildings, they are floating on a blue ocean. The boat leaves, the ethereal indefinite emotional connection between artist and dreams.
After the 80 s,his eyes were more free. Space, objects, characters, Marine, false forms, can blend in harmony to appear on a screen, form is the general, and a subtle dreamlike world.
Tsao Tali is not a sentimental nostalgia, he likes changing, motivated people and nature. When he was traveling with high speed on a highway in California, see the wilderness and the sky so he moved in high-speed movement. Flashing and changing colors forms, constitute a new image.
Tsao Tali’s creation theme and the works form a broad freely, reality and illusion, realism and abstraction, heaven and earth, through the ages, he can free removal of free tissue. He believed that the creation face painter no matter how much it changed, "as long as from heart, it must be consistent.
He put the classical literary masterpiece "a dream of Red Mansions" in the poem as the subject of the painting. The image of modern text colors, make this work full of present and ancient. This kind of fuzzy implication he can turn it with modern painting form together.
He was influenced by modernism in Indonesia, and the natural scenery of Indonesia. While other students were grow in the north of China. The new Chinese politics has been very mature. So he went to meet everyone else. He is not willing to change something deep inside, he is special. So, after 80s these works appeared. This is something in his heart repressed painting. Tsao Tali said: "my biggest problem is I can't find myself ". He was very personality. Through a series of thought reform, he did not know how to do, he will cherish most things in his heart. Need to learn from the workers, peasants and soldiers, follow Chairman Mao's political line to paint, in the 80s, he was like a second growth, like a tree grow which is not very smoothly , he was just sprouting, but not to be allowed to grow, after China reform and opening up to the outside world , he was encouraged to grow. I think Tsao Tali reflects his contradictions in his works, cultural factors and growth process of the perplexing.
 ——From the conversation of Hua Cai Museum director Dai Wenhua with Mr.Shui Tianzhong in his home.Beijing.
Jan.7th 2016



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