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Tan Ping talks about Tsao Tali

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Born in China in 1960, Chengde; origin: Yantai, Shandong Province, the bachelor's degree of CAFA in 1984; Lecturer of Department of CAFA from1984 – 1989. German culture and art exchange scholarship from 1989; - 1994, studied at the Berlin University of the Arts free drawing, received a master's degree and Meisterschule; He served as president of the central Academy of Fine Arts school of design from 2002 - 2003, Former vice president of the central Academy of Fine, Professor, now China Art Research Institute. 

Tsao Tali can calm down, he is not affected by the market. Personal style is always like that, he doesn't follow the change of market environment. From the technique has little changes, including his whole drawing, the structure of the whole paintings. I think  he has been affected by the Gauguin later, including many of his paintings. In the 80s, such as in the group of people, is a special new style less people like this. His paintings are constantly sum up, people or in the local shape at that time. To me he is the most  simple feeling scraper, he has some cubism, or surreal, dreamy, symbolism. He painted these women, these women have strong symbolic. Through some illustration, get the picture be broken, there are both high more and Cezanne, there is also a spatio-temporal crisscross super realism. He does not belong to a particular style, he is his own, he is doing processing in one train of thought.
Tsao Tali’s painting is hard to categorize, the color are very good, like impressionist painting. Is precisely in 90s, greatly affected by impressionist, Post-Impressionism.The study after processing method, process, I feel it’s from when Mr Tsao was young. Academy education is just in terms of basic skills for him, such as shape character training. But his whole feeling I think is related to his childhood, and more. His colors of the works are actually has been very subjective, others painting colors are natural. There are a lot of people sometimes draw good, some techniques, like painting and nature, colors with a very good relationship, these will change over time. But the real uniqueness is that this is the core .so Tsao Tali is Tsao Tali.
This generation everyone's story is very interesting, but combine with their works of art is less, Tsao Tali is one of them. His works became better more, a lot of people’s paintings are worse after 70 years old. But Tsao Tali is not, at that time he didn't reach his artistic peak, may become the representative works in various aspects. The exploration on the artistic language was very avant-garde, but very close to the society at that time. The whole art level, due to the increasing life experiences, different from the thematic painting, subjective, from his none presetion.
I think Tsao Tali is unlike the older generation artists, he is not in the circle. He's the painter in the Beijing art academies, all Beijing painters at that time. I think he was the blade type, more abstract, he has been between figurative and abstract. Other painters are concrete, he has not been specific .he has been looking for another way. Tsao Tali faded out slowly. His 80 s was a quest for style genre.
Some of his new paintings I have not seen, up the age, almost haven’t published, but in 80, 90s, I really like his paintings. His paintings are very expressive, pretty good, but have not been better explored. About Mr.Tsao Tali’s paintings are very strong, abstract and great feelings. He is more emphasis on the study of formal languages, he is painting industry veteran, I should learn from him.
You are very good that you have so many of his works, he was particularly lucky, a lot of people lose a lot of things, but also do not know where it was, it is very difficult to study, research and promotion of your investment, great value, a very promising!
From the conversation of Hua Cai Museum director Dai Wenhua with Mr.Tan Ping in Hua Cai Art Museum
 Jan 10th  2016          

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