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Pang Jun talks about Tsao Tali

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Pang Jun

Painter, the a close disciple of Mr Xu Beihong.Pang Jun is the pioneer of  the modern art in China, a famous painter, arts and craftsThe son of home Pang Xunqin. Born in Shanhai 1936. Admitted to hangzhou YiZhuan in 1949 .Learned from Lin Fengmian, Pan Tianshou ,Huang Binhong, Ni Yide, Yan Wenliang, 1942 transfer from CAFA, learned from xu beihong, wu zuoren, etc, in 1954Outstanding graduation. A professional career from 1954 to 1980, Worked for the company engaged in oil painting in the Beijing art creation group, Beijing art academy, associate professor. And teaching part-time at the Performing Arts Department of Central Academy of Drama.



Tsao Tali graduated from China central academy, but his native to China, to study the central academy of fine arts graduate is not quite the same as others, because he has his own growth background, so his aesthetic point of view, his hobby also covers a lot of things. Simple said he was more with some elements of western art than any other native Chinese painters inner. So now says his painting style is basically a surreal style. For drawing people on the mainland is really too much, I think there is almost no more like a surrealist painter, the style of a lot of people from the form to pursue some other similar style and western style, but most people still have a bit to imitate nature, even some copied content. But his painting is from the heart, the modelling of some of his various combinations and some contents as long as it is to know him, I knew he was on account of his own heart. I appreciate Tsao Tali once described in a word, I asked him, "you call Tsao Tali, Spain also has a Dali, Dali is surreal, you are also a surreal, is it different?" Tsao Tali answered me very firmly : "that Dali's paintings are such tacky", this sentence I appreciate very much, this is his character, he has his own confidence in drawing, and although his style somewhat similar, he's not imitate or copy, he even think others paintings are not very good
An outstanding artist, his life must have the basic qualities, the first is only oneself, although everyone on your growth is inherited predecessors' culture of learning, when you become an artist must be only yourself in your heart, not others. Another important is must be consistent along the way, believe in confident to walk to the end. to the highest realm. So a lot of people, it is art, is painting is bad can't succeed. Tsao Talii seems to have been painting the sense for so many years, seems silly, has been drawing to old, so he is very dedicated.
Tsao Tali, is one of the few diligent artist, to be honest, as we can in this generation of artists like diligent have not given up until now, it should only be in the single digits . Others are painting, but with a very complex ideas in painting, and perhaps want to show something, maybe want to do something to the political aspects of speculation, perhaps taking into account the interests of the individual, or these paintings sell well sell more. But these are not the characteristics of artists, the artist really should be very simple, clean, Tsao Tali basically is such a person.
In fact, ancient art is never realistic, realism is not art, so now they want to slowly to correct a point of view, art and technology are not the same.
In 1962, I went to Bei Daihe to sketch along with Tsao Tali. That time I saw Tsao Tali sketch painting feel he has been slowly out of the way of painting after he left the academy of fine arts. after all, it has relationship with his personal environment and background. Because he is the overseas Chinese, he may be more than the domestic many students see western painting forms, or have been familiar with impressionist works in this field. So in painting when he has been simplified image, with a piece to the performance. Students like this are less, basically, I think, in my friend, perhaps only Tsao Tali.
As far as I know, Tsao Tali is a very faithful christian before back to China, also have passion, He has the experience and ability, he always want to organize the choir, let everybody sing, but at the time he is not under the condition of understanding, and forbade him to do so, this makes his mood very low. So I think he also has his side of society do not understand, or feel a little place! Because that is the case, he was lonely on the art, and he also insisted on his own ideas.
I have been very good friends with Tsao Tali, we also have similar places, both of us don't like to socialize, also don't like to talk more, always think many things talk more is useless, do our own things, but there is a little different, in the past ,I will be very lazy when I'm not satisfied with a lot of places, also don't do so muddle through. He is not, just bow his head and paint. Do not listen to what others have criticism, also won't consider too much things. I heard Tsao Tali sleeping in front of works, and sometimes I admire him very much. Finally I can only say Tsao Tali is Tsao Tali. always be Tsao Tali
                                                                     By Pang Jun in Taipei .Jan 10th 2016 .


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