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Tsao Tali in my eyes--YanZhenduo


Yan  zhenduo

Well-known painter in China. Beijing oil painting art academies level division, concurrently hold the position of deputy secretary-general of Chinese oil painting, oil painting art committee of Chinese artists association, Beijing art series review committee of senior titles, director of Beijing artists association, oil painting art committee, a former head of Beijing painting seminar.

Tsao Tali, he gave me a basic impression is persistent, It can be said that there are no other problems in his life, even if there are some things that are closely connected with the expression of his art. Until now he has more than 80 years old, his paintings are still a lot of things that are always connected, and his performance is closely related to his life, emotional. There are also some social aspects of things, but only a small part of his more creative is based on the emotional factors of their own personal expression. This led to his paintings are very sincere to express, uninterrupted to show up. Like him through the continuous insistence, and to the late paintings, the better the artist, it can be said that almost I have not seen. Because he the process is very complex. In China that the people who’s very unassuming, in fact, they hardly care about art, what can bring to their spirit , only on the technique, more is used in business, basic on by a word ,all like that. This includes the so-called young cynic all like that! They do this because he can catch some people's attention, in particular, can get the attention of foreign people, came back to bring their own business interests, all in the interests of the guidelines.
Art is not the way, art is related to emotion, is related to life, with the pursuit of life and character, is the only way to show these things. Artis moved deep in heart , dreamlike, passionate explosive impact, you want to present it, feel uncomfortable if you do not burst out, this is art! But this is not a random presentation of mad type, but a kind of poetic expression, spiritual aesthetic force. I think Tsao Tali is like this, and that's the way it is. Once met him is several years when he doesn't at home, so he did not understand, then he just don't understand just  hiding. "What does not meet my thoughts just defy you” he is not like this, his struggle is" I have my pursuit, I can't change your words, I refuse to accept you "he is such a wayward with flexible. He was graduated from Academy of fine arts, to fine arts company, is such a process.
Tsao Tali is a very simple man, he grew up in Indonesia, come back to China after 20 years old. Before I have been to Indonesia, the country gave me the impression is a very artistic appeal of the region, his went to Indonesia, where more than a decade, he basic outlook on life, world outlook and character is formed in an environment like that, it's doomed his personality, he also has not changed much, only let him feel painfulis  that can't adapt to the Chinese, can't understand. So till now he is try to shield himself in a state without the interference of contrast, he is not without these things, he actively blocked access to these things. Those of things are neither his purpose, nor the target of his art, he is living in their inner emotions, style and spirit of a state. Of course art needs life, survival is always needed economic sources, but he is not for this, for the money, in order to cater to some things. So you (CLS gallery) do it personally, you choose him, I respect you very much. And the most important you don't interfere with him, no matter what he to paint, I think it is very means that you do art, you have to understand what art is, how be to return a responsibility, and understand what is really worthy.

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