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Wen Lipeng talks about Tsao Tali


Wen Lipeng

Born in 1931.The son of  Wen Yiduo, graduated from oil painting institute in CAFA, arts professor if CAFA, deputy director of  the oil painting art committee,. Vice-chairman of Chinese oil painting association.

He is a very distinctive painter, he was born in 1934.just a few years younger than me, basicly the same generation, who is one of the third generation of artists in China. Honestly, the third generation of painters in distinctive is not too many, more are still in the original way . Although there are the famous,artistically featured. Less can be seen more about their stuff . His paintings certains characteristics, not only reflect the world in his eyes, but also reflects his experiences, his intentions. Through his generation reflects some condition in people's heart in that society . I think he is a distinctive painter, very unique and different from others. So-called the third generation of artists are generally in accordance with the habit, everybody is the creation of the general train of thought to consider the problems, in the minority can be like him .  Wu Guanzhong is the representative of second generation of the painters, it is special. It's more of the traditional realism in that ages, especially the socialist realism, more affected by these frameworks, even create works on the basis of realism. This of course, is also a road, came out to a lot of good works and of course we cannot negate. So many years after liberation, put out of view of the paitings in the fifties and sixties .they are too single. Is not without good works, but a lack of distinctive.Tsao Tali is precisely in this period, entered the central academy of fine arts in fifties and sixties , is also a prominent person. Tsao Tali is the third generations of artists the same like Wu Guanzhong's second generation . He was able to draw in his own heart, and he did not deliberately pursue and who is not the same, he followed his own inner feelings and life experiences. Such as experience in Indonesia, his thoughts and feelings, he put the drawn out, did not in accordance with the rules of orthodox requirements at that time , this point in our this generation of artists is very rare. His paintings are his own inner feelings, but also inherited some of the contemporary art of painting in the history of modern art. This generation of artists that many people do not have this understanding, in what leadership he would give him the picture. He did not contrary to the intention of the leadership, only in the exploration of their own things, from the subject matter, or the performance of the techniques, the use of forms, etc.. Wu Guanzhong is also like this, the equivalent of growing up in the cracks. The surrounding environment is not very conducive to the performance of their personal things, on the contrary, there is still pressure, say you do not do this, you draw a form of doctrine and so on. This situation is the older generation of Wu Guanzhong, this generation is like him, growth in the cracks. Is not like what can be painted without pressure. But now there are a lot of people realize his benefits, and your gallery pushed him out, that you have an eye. But that was not the way it was when he create it. He was also luckey, later to Beijing Academy of painting is the creation unit, several of their relative more freedom, by less control point, unlike our in the college have the syllabus, is required. So they deal with the picture now is a valuable thing. So I think we are still less publicity for Tsao Tali, his evaluation is not in place, also did not fully realize his value.

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